Mercury in Pisces: The Boundless & Abstract Thinkers

Mercury in Pisces: The Boundless & Abstract Thinkers

Individuals who have their natal Mercury placed in Pisces are the dreamers, the one's who have their head stuck in the clouds. Their minds easily drift into other dimensions, requiring someone to pull them back to reality. They are naturally inclined to think through imagery, making them great visualizers. There are no limits to their thoughts, ideas, and imagination. Their thoughts and ideas are boundless. Their logic and reasoning is rooted in abstract and subjective principles, making these individuals one of the most symbolic and metaphorical communicators out of all of the Mercury placements an individual can have. 

Mercury in Pisces Astrology Chart

The Mercury in Pisces placement can be explained through Mercury’s various states, which can be categorized into reception, process, expression, and exchange. 


One of Mercury’s states is reception. This planet deals with how one receives information, ideas, and thoughts. Information is received through multiple channels and methods, such as through hearing, feeling, extra sensory perceptions, and many other methods.

A Mercury in Pisces individual is well known for their emotional receptivity. They are able to soak up emotional information from its surrounding environment. They have a high emotional intelligence and are known for being among the most empathic placements. These individuals are gifted with the ability to walk into a room and instantly sense and feel the energy in the room.

Overall, they excel at non-verbal communications. Their empathic abilities can be a challenge for them because it may be hard to separate their own feelings from the feelings they pick up from others. 

These individuals are receptive to dreams and visions. They are highly susceptible to being a channel for spirits from other realms or dimensions to communicate with those on this earthly plane. They have the natural ability to pick up psychic information from 'alternative sources' that reside beyond the physical plane. 

How these individuals receive information is tied to how they learn information as well. They are visual learners and can quickly grasp information if it is consolidated and presented in pictures, graphs, or through an art form. Visual aids are key for them, as hearing words or having to read information makes it a challenge to consolidate and see the information as a whole.


Just like a computer, we need to process the information we receive. Processing involves, thinking, analyzing, interpreting, and organizing information.

An individual with this placement processes information in an imaginative, poetic, artistic, and mystical manner, which comes much from the Neptunian influence. Neptune is Mercury's dispositor, which makes Mercury function accordingly. This makes a challenge to process information that is received verbally. Spoken words immediately dissipate into thin air. These individuals have to ground many verbal communications they receive, especially if it pertains to new or foreign information.

To visualize this concept, imagine someone who speaks under water. The words would be muffled and would create a vibration in the water, but would instantly disappear after a second or two. These leaves nothing for these individuals to grasp on and analyze deeply. They don’t take words for face value and are the type to read between the lines. 

These may be the folks who are adamant note takers, however if you look at their notes, they may appear disorganized and hard to understand. That is because that is how they have processed the information. They catch a couple words here or there and try to ground them. It is like catching butterflies. there are tons of butterflies flying around, but they have to pick which ones to catch because there are so many. 


Mercury’s third state includes expression, how we communicate and transfer information. 

Mercury in pisces individuals communicate best through imagery and symbolism, since this placement is rooted in abstraction. Their ideas, thoughts, and concepts are abstract. It is a challenge for these individuals to communicate in a rigid and practical manner.

To aid their communication style and preferences, they may use artwork, music, dance, poetry, or even hand gestures or sign language to express themselves. Based on this approach, they are ones who are able to communicate on a universal level. If these individuals were put into an experience where they did not know the spoken language, they would easily excel in breaking through communication barriers.

Variations & Exceptions

It is always important to note that any one placement is unique to that individual. The presented information include examples of how this energy can manifest in a chart in general. The astrological alignments/relationships that Mercury makes with other planets in an individual's chart will change how this energy is expressed for any one individual. 



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