9th House in Natal Astrology: Philosophy, Spirituality, and Wisdom

9th House in Natal Astrology: Philosophy, Spirituality, and Wisdom

In astrology, the 9th house signifies our divine connection to our creator, as well as the foundational principles, concepts, and ideologies inherent to our existence in this universe. This is the house from which we gather information and knowledge internally, hence this is the place where we find our wisdom. Here, we define and determine our morality and the ethics to which we live according to. In summary, this house represents philosophies, spirituality, astrology, intuition, divination, prophets, dreams, and much more.

In traditional astrology, the 9th house is associated with the zodiac sign Sagittarius, which is ruled or measured by Jupiter. Jupiter’s energy involves expanding, giving, blessing, judging, and elevating the things and matters that it associates itself with for the purpose of presenting them from a higher perspective.

That is why this house deals with metaphysical and universal principles and laws. These laws and principles gives us guidance and a set of standards for which we can make fair judgements on circumstances that occur in our lives.

This house is rooted in how we identify and understand the relationship between ourselves and the world around us. This house questions, challenges, and reveals the story to our existence. Why are we here? Who put us here? What is real? Who is our creator? Why were we created? And so on and so forth. This house gets down to the truth of it all.

According to Coulson Turnbull’s, The Divine Language of Celestial Correspondences [1], the 9th house is the subjective and spiritual mind, which he explains as the polar opposite of the 3rd house, which represents the objective mind.

This house’s intuitive and subjective nature points toward the house’s associations with the dream world and any “long-distance” travels, which can be equated to mental travels (personal hypothesis). This would include time travel and astral travel. My hypothesis is that time travel can only be done mentally, as well as astral travel. The mind is the method through which these alternate experiences, realities, and realms can be experienced from the human body. 

Lastly, in this house we can find people who get us closer to these divine connections or who teach us about the principles, laws, philosophies rooted in this house. Anyone who can expand our horizons and perspectives on life and life circumstances can be found in this house. We can find teachers, gurus, spiritual leaders in this house or we can find prophets, diviners, and astrologers from this house. These people are vehicles through which divine messages can widen our perspectives on life experiences.

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