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6 Benefits to Keeping an Astrology Journal

There are numerous benefits to starting an astrology journal. After a few weeks of consistent journaling, you will experience a noticeable change in your perspective on life and the strong correlations it has to astrology. I've laid out the top 7 benefits you will receive from keeping an astrology journal. 

1. Daily Energetic Awareness

For most people, it is an important part of anyone’s day to know the date, day of the week, the weather, and the time throughout the day. Astrologers should have the same approach when it comes to knowing specific astrological details or rather, the astrological weather for the day.

If your astrology journal is formatted in the suggested way, you will start each day through capturing the astrological weather. This gives you specific information about the day through knowing where the cosmic bodies are transiting, knowing what major aspects are occurring between these cosmic bodies, and knowing any energetic shifts that will occur. Capturing this information makes us prepared to analyze and observe the happenings throughout the day.

Journal Writing Prompt
Pick one planetary aspect that occurred today and explain how this aspect played out in your day on either a personal or mundane level.

2. Changes Perspective

As astrologers, we spend a lot of time analyzing astrology charts for people, places, and things – those that are outside of us. We interpret their energy and how their energy impacts their life experiences. For the most part, we are on the outside looking in and we will never be able to understand their life through their personal experience. In this way, we miss a lot of contextual information that would help us better make sense of their personal, astrological alignments and configurations.

The good news is, we can use ourselves, our own experiences, and our own observations, data, and analyze of them and how they impact our own lives. Journaling gives us an opportunity to change our vantage point to first-person perspective. This gives us access to new information about the interconnectedness that astrology has to our daily lives. We witness how the astrological weather plays out right before our eyes. Hence, the journal gives us the space to focus on the now. Even though, we may dip into the past and the future during a particular entry, the journal keeps us grounded in the now as it is suggested to start each day with recording the astrological weather.

Journal Writing Prompt 
What is an aspect of your own natal chart that you’ve understood better in changing your perspective to a first-person point of view?

3. Develops an Interdisciplinary Mindset

Astrology is a complex system that requires meticulous study and research; and still has tons of information waiting be discovered and explored. The problem with astrology's current state is that it tends to be explored deeply, but it is not explored in a broad manner. It tends to stay within its own boundaries, held down with its complex and deep nature. It is primarily an intradisciplinary field. In my opinion, this is why astrology continues to be seen as a foreign field of study that has no practical uses.

The journaling experience offers a potential solution to this problem through providing a space for the astrologer to expand past its imaginary, restrictive boundaries. The journal is a space to brainstorm and build connections between astrology and seemingly unrelated people, places, things, and ideas. In other words, a space to make connections between the material and the abstract. This relaxed format allows astrologers to let their guards down and moves them toward innovative thought and ideas using astrology. In this way, interdisciplinary dependencies, methods, and frameworks can be formulated and presented to relevant industries, disciplines, and systems.

Journal Writing Prompt 
Create a new discipline combining astrology and a different discipline. What would the new discipline's name and what would it entail?

4. Reveals Patterns, Themes, & Cycles

Astrology helps us study, observe, and identify patterns, themes, and cycles that occur over time. These patterns occur within us and in the outer world; on a macro and micro level. Patterns help us make astounding predictions and determine potential future outcomes. This gives us the opportunity to better prepare for upcoming events, so we are not blind sided.

Each journal entry will provide a space to reflect on astrological patterns and cycles that have occurred in the past, the present, and those that may potentially occur in the future. Identifying patterns will reveal correspondences between seemingly dissimilar ideas, events, and/or people.

Journal Writing Prompt 
Have you identified any astrological patterns, themes, or cycles that occurred in the past and are now presenting themselves again?

5. Improves Chart Interpretation: Analysis, & Synthesis

One challenging aspect about astrology is analyzing charts and synthesizing the information. The subtle nuances involved with each individual component and their contexts make it challenging to interpret the energy as a whole. Even if we know the luminary, planet, aspect, house and sign significations, that does not mean we are also able to comprehend the relationship between them.

For example, we are great at interpreting Venus in the 8th House of Aquarius, but what does that mean if Venus is in a square aspect to Mars in the 5th of Scorpio and also trine Saturn in the 11th house of Gemini [show image]. To add another layer of complexity, how does this energy impact another person through synastry?

Each day, you'll have the opportunity to observe and reflect upon how the day's astrological energy connected to the real-life events and experiences that occurred throughout the day. These connections will be stored in your mental database, collecting new signs, symbols, patterns, and combinations that can be accessed to interpret charts with more detail, accuracy, and confidence. 

Journal Writing Prompt 
What is an aspect of your own natal chart that you’ve gathered more insight into from changing your perspective to a first-person point of view?

6. Presents a Common Thread: Develops a Thesis

Over a couple weeks of consistent journaling, you will begin to notice a theme in your own observations and perspective on astrology. You may notice that your entries lean toward interpreting your dreams and how it relates to daily astrological energies or you may find that your entries draw conclusions about astrology's relationship with the thoughts that seems to enter your mind.

The journal will serve as a research tool to develop your ideas that will naturally form together over time. This will be the resource you need to create a thesis statement about astrology and make a statement through supplemental research projects, workshops, articles, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Journal Writing Prompt 
Have you noticed a theme in your astrology journal? If so, what is that theme and how can you develop this theme into a project, thesis, or research project?

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