Astrology Resources

We've gathered our favorite resources to help you get started on your astrological journey. The following resources are curated to assist in helping you connect with an astrology network and to help you grow as a professional astrologer and/or astrology scholar.

Astrology Groups & Organizations

There are several astrology groups and organizations to join to grow your astrology network and to grow as an astrological scholar. Here are a few:

  1. NCGR, National Council for Geocosmic Research

  2. Young Astrologers Association

  3. AFAN, Association for Astrological Networking

  4. The Organization for Professional Astrology

  5. International Association of Ethics in Astrology


Astrology Education

There are several astrology online schools and websites that provide a wide variety of astrology education. Look beyond instagram and tumblr to get real insights and build a strong astrological foundation.

  1. Astrolearn Astrology Library

  2. Youtube Astrology Academy