6 Types of Astrology

6 Types of Astrology

There are two major branches that astrology falls under: natural astrology and judicial astrology. Natural astrology uses an objective approach, while judicial astrology uses a subjective approach. 

Below, we've listed 5 types of astrology that fall under the natural and judicial astrology umbrellas.

Electional Astrology

Type: Judicial

Electional astrology is the practice of selecting a future date, time, and location for an event or venture. This can be used to elect wedding dates, book releases, product launches, and much more. 

Horary Astrology

Type: Judicial

Horary astrology is the practice of divining the answer to a question based on the date, time, and location that a question was posited. 

Medical Astrology

Type: Natural

Formerly referred to as Iatromathematics, medical astrology is an ancient practice of assessing, diagnosing, and curing bodily ailments based on an understanding of the patient’s natal placements, progressions, and the transits impacting them. 

Mundane/Political Astrology

Type: Natural

Mundane astrology is the practice of assessing and predicting events and the welfare of worlds, nations, cities, and local communities. This astrology branch was used predominantly in antiquity. 

Natal/Genethliacal Astrology

Type: Judicial

Formerly referred to as genethliacal astrology, natal astrology is the practice of assessing an individuals welfare and life blue print based on an individual's birth day, birth time, and birth location. This is the most common form of astrology practiced today.

Relationship/Synastry Astrology

Type: Judicial

Synastry or relationship astrology is the practice of assessing the energetic chemistry between two individuals in a relationship through natal chart overlays and composite charts. Synastry assessments can be used for a wide range of relationship types including: romantic, friendship, familial, and business relationships.


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