2nd House in Natal Astrology: Sustenance, Finances, Talents & Gifts

The second house is the area of life that focuses on activities pertaining to our sustenance. This house speaks to how the native is sustained on a physical level. Our sustenance is our livelihood, our survival, it's how we support our vitality. We support our lives through various forms of sustenance, such as through the air that we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and even the shelter we need to protect us. In order to get these things, at least in today’s modern society, we need money or something of value to exchange in order to receive these forms of sustenance. 

Depending on what point in history you were born, that sustenance is going to look different. Long ago, you may not have even needed money to buy food, but maybe you needed to own a fishing net, so you could catch fish to eat. The only way to get a fishing net was to use the resources you had at your disposal and you would have needed to use your natural gifts and talents to turn those resources into a form of value. 

That is why the 2nd house is also strongly tied to our finances, our resources, our tangible valuables, as well as, our intangible valuables, which come through our natural gifts, and talents. 

The latter, our inherent gifts and talents, are at the basis of our own unique offerings to society. It’s a part of what makes us valuable outside of money and outside of what others project and determine our value to be. It’s what sets us apart from any one person on this earth. It's also what we can use to turn into value for others or for ourselves. So, thinking back to the example of the fishing net, once that net is created, the person can either sell the fishing net or reuse it to catch more fish and sell the fish to others.

Lastly, this house also represents how we value ourselves and how we determine our own self-worth.

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